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Dirk website
Dirk Van de Velde

Consultant & trainer

Founder and Managing Director of Gear

After his computer science studies and several years as a Sales Representative, Dirk establishes Gear Consult in 1992. Soon he decides to work for the automotive retail industry exclusively. Not only the passion for motorized vehicles, but also a fascination with the dealer world plays a key role in his choice.

He steers all commercial, financial, organisational and human activities of Gear Consult with a lot of energy. After more than 25 years in the sector he develops and leads with an unblemished enthusiasm and dynamism the training, coaching and consultancy projects at national and international level.

He is active at all management levels in the automotive retail and assists people in developing their retail vision, strategies and activities, and in effectively managing their human capital.

Bernard website
Bernard Foket

Account Manager

After having finished his studies hotel management and marketing Bernard puts his career on the tracks as coordinator of hotel and catering services on national and international trains.

He joins Gear as an independent trainer in 1995 and in 2000 becomes co-shareholder. His core responsibility is to monitor the competencies of the freelancers. From his passion for quality, service and customer care, he is actively contributing to the development of especially the service departments in the automotive retail.

He is active as all-round trainer and consultant in most projects of the company.

Edjan Rusche

Trainer & Consultant

Edjan worked in various operational and managerial positions in the automotive industry for quite some time. 

He managed the Training Academy of a top brand. In 1999, he started his own training company which resulted in national as well as international recognition as a management trainer and coach. Commitment, integrity, enthusiasm, respect and results are keywords in his approach as a trainer/coach.

The close cooperation with Gear will further intensify in 2017, which is why he now joined our core team.

Foto Vera
Vera Mols

Project Manager & Consultant

After obtaining her degree of Master in HR Management, Vera immediately started working in the automotive sector. For ten years she carried out a variety of jobs within the domain of Retail Competence Development at the importer of a premium automotive brand. She worked on strategic projects around customer focus and developed for and together with the dealers a service project within the automotive HR cycle: recruitment, assessment, initial support, training and coaching, certification, compensation, performance management, employee satisfaction and exit counselling.

She recently earned an additional pedagogical qualification and further specialises in the area of training, coaching and consultancy within Gear. Additionally, as a project manager, she is responsible for quality and effectiveness for various internal and external assignments.

Foto Hilde website
Hilde Deneweth

Project coordinator

After an exciting international career with Sabena and PrivatAir, Hilde decides to make a career switch. She takes a challenging job in the organization of the International Expo in South Korea and Milan. In August 2016, she starts working at Gear as a Project Coordinator. Thanks to her organizational skills, extensive customer service and international experience, she is the ideal partner to manage the daily projects.

Years of experience as a manager in the airline industry have turned her into a proactive problem solver and an enthusiastic team player

 Anne website
Anne De Wit

Accountancy & administration

With her background as a social worker, and after several years of experience in direct sales, Anne chooses for a position as an administrative assistant.

At Gear, she is responsible for the full accounting as well as for personnel administration and the follow-up of account receivables. Her accuracy and alertness makes that also this area of Gear is well managed.

Jean Pierre website
Jean-Pierre Vandenbroeck

Trainer & coach

Jean-Pierre started his career in education and develops his passion for training and consultancy after extensive training in Human Resources and communication. For 8 years he has been training managers at a leading importer of passenger cars in Belgium.

He establishes himself as an independent trainer and consultant in 2003 and starts a few years later a long-term partnership with Gear.

He is a versatile trainer and is most often deployed in projects focused on commercial and management skills. As one of our regular independent partners he focuses more and more on coaching.

Christine website
Christine Vloeberghs

Trainer & coach

With a bachelor's degree in economics and finance, Christine has been working the first years of her career in the economic and commercial trade sector.

Her career evolves in the direction of the human resources where she develops further as a consultant and later as a trainer. She is an independent trainer and consultant since 2005 and becomes part of the core team of partners at Gear around the same period.

She is initially mainly active in competence assessments and is quickly deployed as a trainer, mainly focusing on the service processes. She is also a qualified coach within our team of independent partners.

Herv website
Hervé Moons

Trainer & coach

Hervé Moons studied the heart of the automotive distribution answering various responsibilities in booming concessions in the premium segment since 2003.

It is by crossing the acquired skills, with a keen interest in organizational psychology and the development of human resources movement, that he specialised in change management.

In 2011 Hervé joined GEAR. His work focuses on the autonomy of distribution networks by skills development, management of different types of structures, ICT solutions, economic efficiency and customer retention by affirming corporate identity.

Hervé operates each coaching and each training session focusing on overcoming the challenges of today to ensure the sustainability of the business and the welfare of teams.