Welcome to Gear

Since its establishment in 1992 Gear Consult has been working exclusively for the automotive retail sector. We do not claim that we have an absolute insight in passenger and utility vehicle dealer companies. But what we do have, is a clear vision on the organizational and commercial evolution dealers should go through in order to meet present and future challenges. Our vision goes through a process of permanent evolution as a result of our continuing fascination with this complex business, and the ongoing discovery of and search for new angles of approach.

In over more than two decades we have trained and coached thousands of dealer and importer staff at every echelon. We are in a continuous collaboration process with dealers to tackle local challenges. Most of our clients have been with us for over a decade, some of them were there at the start.

All our interventions always convey our 3 core business values:




Working with Gear guarantees:

  • a real partnership based on direct communication – not occupational therapy;
  • customization as a result of open-mindedness and thorough preparation – each story is unique;
  • a process-driven approach on which all stakeholders agree – transparency above all. 

We can offer you both Consultancy (interventions on the dealer work floor) and Training (centrally organized or at the dealer’s). This can give you an idea of the possibilities, but we advise you contact us for more specific information. After all automotive retail is becoming a global phenomenon and hence not easily split up into separate units.